Amohelang Nameng
Early childhood development trainee

“I am a 23 year old preschool teacher at Semane preschool in Phokeng in Rustenburg, North West Province. Ntataise has taught me so much. Before this training, I did not have a lot of the skills I gained through training. I have learned about the ELDAs in NCF, how to incorporate them into my planning and to plan according to themes.”

Thembeka Magida
Early childhood development trainee

“Ntataise grew me spiritually, emotionally and mentally. The training helped me realise my rights and how to extend themes and lessons to children. I learned to say no when I disagree with something.  Lastly, the training taught me how to run a preschool.

I am really thankful for what Ntataise is doing for us. It really encouraged me to open my own pre-school. It even made me to improve my presentation skills.”

Mmule Seakgosing
Early childhood development trainee

“My name is Mmule Seakgosing. Ntataise (NCF) training has opened our eyes to child development. It taught us how a child develops from birth through to the age of five years. The themes taught us that every child should know that he /she is competent and that learning and development are important. Children need the support of adults. They explained how the ELDAs work in child development, the aims, guidelines and activities and how to assess a child. I enjoy using the themes in the classroom, planning activities and presenting them to the children. They encouraged us to make our own equipment, such as toys, and games and to work with parents. The video clips they showed us, taught us how to deal with children. Thank you, Mme Busi, for being a good facilitator, you elaborated everything about NCF very well and now I think we will enjoy our duties at the centre, understanding what we are supposed to do. Ntataise makes us better leaders and better teachers. I plan to have my own centre in the coming years. I am busy with the preparations, as I have been working for the people for a long time since 1998. I am ready to continue my studies, to obtain a diploma or degree in ECD.”

Tshegofatso Temane
Early childhood development trainee

“I wish I could say this face to face, but I am content and there are no words to explain my joy. Before I attended the NCF course I did not trust myself and was walking on a very uni-directional road which was full of spikes made of fear, most of the things I thought were correct were wrong, but through Mme Busi and your help, I can now say that all of that is gone and I am celebrating victory.

The resources you provided were a huge eye-opener, a valuable legacy and a perfect tool that enhances and makes learning beneficial to children. Your video clips have motivated me and given me hope that I can make a difference in a child’s life.

Every time Mme Busi performed an activity from the guide, I would picture myself with my learners in the classroom because I could not wait to practice what she taught us. I want to assure you that I have gained a seed that you have planted. I will continue to water it to bear sweet juicy fruits for learners of Rabothu Preschool.

I am proud to say I am ready and eager to create an impact and a solid foundation that will neither crack nor break for my learners. Please continue to be a blessing by reminding us that we can and continue to be the support we need. May the Good Lord bless you and the entire Ntataise Team. Thank you.”