The quality of a learner’s Early Childhood Development (ECD) has been shown to have a direct impact on their performance throughout their school career and even on their earning potential later in life.

In South Africa, as elsewhere in the world, there is an increasing drive to value and support the development and learning of children in their early years. Research shows that children are highly sensitive to environmental effects during the first 1,000 days of life, including pre-birth, early and late infancy. The early years are building blocks for health, human capacity and personal and social well-being. Delays in cognitive and overall development before schooling can often have long lasting and costly consequences for children, families and society. The most effective and cost-efficient time to intervene is before birth and during the early years of life, therefore investment in ECD should be a priority.

The implementation of the policy is based on the following four key principles:

  • The child’s learning and development;
  • Parents and families’ central role in the development of children and relationships;
  • Protection and promotion of children’s rights regardless of age, background, ethnicity, ability, and gender;
  • Thinking skills, use of technology and interpersonal skills, including collaboration, conflict resolution and problem solving, which are critical to the development of children.

RBI is in the process of increasing access; developing the knowledge, skills and competencies of practitioners and support staff; improving governance structures and standardising the implementation tools at the ECD centres.

Ntataise programme

On 24 January 2020, RBI appointed Ntataise to train and support 48 ECD practitioners working in community and home-based ECD facilities in Phokeng, on the South African National Curriculum Framework from birth to four years.

Subsidised Early Childhood Development Centres (ECDs)

  1. Amusang ECD
  2. Boepatsopa ECD
  3. Kelokitso ELCD
  4. Leseding ECD
  5. Makgopola ECD
  1. Rabothu ECD
  2. Ratanang ECD
  3. Semane ECD