There are currently two independent schools in the RBN – Lebone II: College of the Royal Bafokeng and Kitsong, and RBI is deeply involved in both. These schools are examples of best practice and spaces to develop new approaches to education. In this way, they not only serve as leading schools for their own students but also as resources to the broader education community in the area.

Future development in this area will also include further Accessible Intervention Schools – “low-fee” institutions focused on core learning areas in IT-rich environments that enhance learning.

RBI signed a Memorandum of Understanding (Section 14) with the Department of Education (DoE) to help both parties to deliver quality education to Bafokeng learners in RBN government schools. These schools still effectively function as public schools, but we assist in improving governance where necessary and ensure that they are receptive to our interventions.

Literacy and numeracy

We conduct on-going assessments on specific test groups of students in key learning areas to gauge the effectiveness of our interventions and inform further development. Students identified as requiring assistance in core subject areas, such as numeracy and literacy, are given the support and resources needed to develop these critical skills.