Student and graduate and support services

The Role of RBI Student & Graduate Support Services

The RBI Student & Graduate Support Services, (SGSS) seeks to provide a holistic, systematic approach to the Funding of Higher Education for Regional Community Members who will become exceptional students and graduates and who will lead ethical change within their fields of academic endeavour within communities both nationally and internationally.  

The RBI SGSS seeks to incorporate best practices in Student Funding Administration with a strong focus on Student & Graduate Personal Development & Well-being.


Learning & Development Programmes

Creation of 3 distinct programme work streams:


Schools Stream – Early Identification and Tracking of university directed learners; regional monitoring of longitudinal performance of university directed students (Grade 9-12).

A Grade 11-12 focus on University and Career Orientation and planning; Early identifying and tracking University candidates; Facilitating online University Registration and funding applications, (Vodacom Teacher Centre). Key focus areas Student Potential (ability), Current academic Competence, Leadership & Service participation; Personal & interpersonal attributes and characteristics. University readiness e.g. prerequisite modular learning in Functional Computer Literacy; University Language & Learning Skills; and Leadership & Ethics in Grade 10-12.


University Stream – Selection and transition support; Creation of learning communities within University-based within-faculty cohorts; Mentorship and tracking programme of students e.g. performance, psycho-social transition and wellbeing; Professional development and experiential learning opportunities e.g. conferences and work-based learning; Performance incentives and recognition systems; Work-readiness development. Candidates participate in personal and academic mentoring and coaching by SGSS staff and professionals in their field of study. Student meetings are held throughout the year on campuses in order to track student progress and implement specific support if required.


Graduate Stream – Creation of Alumni Community e.g. national & international professional network; professional development activities; post-graduate longitudinal tracking and communication systems.


Diversification of University Offering

Diversification of University offerings aims to cultivate and sustain inclusive study offerings that strive for academic excellence by creating an environment that is supportive of students. The advantages of distance/online learning, (e.g. AKANYANG, UNISA), is that it allows the student to fit his/her learning around home and work life.  It doesn’t matter where the student lives. As with full-time degrees, students may find that they gain useful, transferable skills, such as planning and research. A distance learning programme costs less than a full-time degree.  The RBI SGSS can provide dedicated support to its online or distance learning students as currently is being demonstrated through the Akanyang Programme.


Ethical Responsibilities to Professional Learning & Practice

We are committed to supporting the ideals of human development and ongoing professional learning. We are committed to promoting student’s self-awareness, competence, self-worth, resiliency, and physical well-being